Activities available at Kruger Park Hostel

Participatory Camping Safari into Kruger National Park

Discover the untamed beauty of the Kruger National Park with Kruger Park Hostel's exclusive 3-day participatory camping safari. Departing every second Tuesday from the comfort of our Marloth Park location, this adventure is not just a trip but a hands-on odyssey into the heart of the African wilderness.

Day 1: The Journey Commences

Your safari kicks off with a departure from Kruger Park Hostel, where the vibrant energy of Marloth Park fades into the rearview, and the expansive Kruger landscape unfolds before you. After a nourishing breakfast at the picturesque Mlondozi Picnic Site, you'll venture into the park's vastness, eyes peeled for the iconic Big Five. As dusk falls, you'll arrive at Satara Rest Camp, where you'll pitch your tent and gather around the campfire, indulging in traditional South African dishes and sharing tales under the starry night sky.

Day 2: The Heart of Kruger Beckons

Awaken to the wilderness chorus at Timbavati Picnic Site, where breakfast awaits amidst the morning serenade of birds. The day promises enchanting wildlife encounters as you navigate through the park's diverse habitats. Lunch at Muzandzeni Picnic Spot offers a moment of respite before you settle for the night at Maroela Camp. Here, you'll immerse yourself in the African vibe, preparing meals over an open fire and surrendering to the nocturnal sounds of the bush.

Day 3: The Wild Farewell

Your final day begins with a return to Muzandzeni for breakfast, savoring the park's tranquility one last time. After a leisurely lunch at Skukuza, you'll commence the journey back to Kruger Park Hostel, your spirit full of the wild tales and unforgettable experiences that only Kruger can offer.

This safari is more than a tour; it's a participatory adventure priced at ZAR 6,200 per person. With intimate group sizes, sustainable practices, and a deep dive into the local culture and cuisine, you're not just observing; you're part of the African tapestry.

Ready for an authentic safari experience? Click below for more information and to reserve your journey into the wild.

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4-Day Mozambique Beach Camping Excusion

Embark on a sun-soaked odyssey with Kruger Park Hostel's Mozambique Beach Adventure. Priced at ZAR 3,900 per person, this excursion is a seamless blend of cultural immersion and coastal serenity, departing from the doorstep of the African wilderness at Kruger Park Hostel.

Day 1: Departure to Paradise

Your journey begins at the break of dawn, with the soft glow of sunrise enveloping the hostel. After fueling up with a robust breakfast, you'll set off towards the enchanting landscapes of Mozambique. The drive itself is a feast for the senses, with the Mpumalanga hills rolling past and the vibrant life of Mozambican towns offering a kaleidoscope of colors and cultures.

The Arrival: Campismo da Cuna

By afternoon, you'll find yourself at Campismo da Cuna, a coastal haven where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean kiss golden sands. Here, you'll set up your tent, provided by KPH Safaris, amidst the whispering palm trees and the gentle sea breeze. The camp, a blend of rustic charm and untouched beauty, serves as your home base for the adventure ahead.

Evenings by the Ocean

As dusk falls, the beach becomes an amphitheater to nature's spectacle, with sunsets that set the sky ablaze. Gather around a crackling fire, share in the preparation of sumptuous meals, and exchange stories with fellow travelers. The nights are a celebration of camaraderie, with the milky way stretching above, a testament to the untouched beauty of this coastal retreat.

Embrace the Mozambican Rhythm

Over the course of your stay, you'll not only relax but actively engage with the environment. From setting up camp to cooking local dishes, each activity is designed to deepen your connection with the land and its people. Hammocks strung between palms offer a perfect nook for contemplation, while the communal areas become stages for cultural exchange and lifelong friendships.

Your Adventure Awaits

This is not just a getaway; it's an invitation to weave yourself into the fabric of Africa's coastal allure. With hands-on experiences and the raw beauty of Mozambique's shores, the Mozambique Beach Adventure promises to be a tale of discovery you'll carry with you long after the sands have washed from your feet.

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Kruger Park Game Drive

Half day Game Drive into the Kruger Park leave the hostel at 5am in the morning (in winter an hour later), entering the Kruger Park via the Crocodile Bridge Gate, and then meandering through the park, stopping occasionally at various viewing spots.

Cost R 750 per person, excluding park fees into Kruger Park.

  • Park Fees for Kruger National Park
    • South African Citizens and Residents (with ID) - R122 per adult, per day
    • SADC Nationals (with passport) - R243 per adult, per day
    • Standard Conservation Fee (International Visitors) - R486 per adult, per day
    • View Rates at:
Game Drive into the Kruger Park with Kruger Park Hostel

Game Drive into Lionspruit Game Reserve

We also do Game Drives into the Lionspruit Game Reserve, which is right next door to Marloth, the departure times are more flexible, and can also leave in the afternoon.

The cost per person the for the Lionspruit Safari is R 350 per person.

Lionspruit has all the big five with the exception of Elephant.

Safari Game Drive into Lionspruit Game Reserve with Kruger Park Hostel

Kruger Park Hostel's Panorama Route Tour

bourkes luck potholes

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of South Africa's scenic wonders with Kruger Park Hostel. Our meticulously planned Panorama Route Tour promises a blend of nature, adventure, and culinary delights.

Itinerary (may change due to weather):

  • 6:00 AM Departure: Rise and shine! Our journey kicks off early to make the most of the day. If you're not a morning person, don’t fret. We often grab a quick takeaway breakfast to energize you for the day ahead.
  • Blyde River Canyon: After a 2 hour and 30-minute scenic drive, our first majestic stop is the Blyde River Canyon. The sheer cliffs, lush vegetation, and winding waters make it a photographer's dream.
  • Three Rondavels: Named for their resemblance to African huts, these impressive geological formations offer breathtaking views and an insight into the region's rich history.
  • Bourke's Luck Potholes: Marvel at these natural water features that have been sculpted by centuries of water erosion. The intricate patterns and whirlpools are a testament to nature's artistry.
  • Waterfall Wonders: Experience the serenity of Berlin and Lisbon Falls. Their cascading waters set against the panoramic backdrop are a sight to behold. If the weather's on our side, you can even enjoy a refreshing swim above one of these waterfalls.
  • God's Window: Depending on the weather, we'll ascend to this vantage point. It's named "God's Window" for a reason – the panoramic view of the Lowveld is nothing short of heavenly.
  • Lunch Delights: As the day unfolds and hunger strikes, we'll head to a local favorite like Harrie's Pancakes. But if you're seeking an adrenaline rush, we can detour to the Gorge Lift in Graskop. Here, the adventurous can opt for a bungee jump while the rest of the group enjoys a sumptuous lunch with views that are as appetizing as the food.


  • Tour with Dirver/Guide


  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Entrance fees

The Panorama Route Tour is not just a visual feast but an experience that will resonate with your soul. Let Kruger Park Hostel show you the heart of South Africa in a way you've never seen before. Join us!

Price: R 1 250 per person.

God's Window on the Panorama Route Tour with Kruger Park Hostel

Game Walks in Marloth Park

There are (mostly) no dangerous predators within Marloth Park, and you are welcome to walk freely around the park and view many of the plains game also found in the Kruger Park.

Walking is only permitted in the park from after sunrise to before sunset.

If you feel uncomfortable walking on your own, speak to either Rene or Devon, and they will gladly make time to accompany you on a walk around Marloth Park.

Cost: Free!

Game Walks in Marloth Park

Sundowner's overlooking the Crocodile River in Kruger Park

On occasion we offer sundowner's at a viewpoint over the Crocodile River in Marloth Park. Everyone jumps into the bakkie, with some drinks and Rene or Devon will then drive to the hide.

If you are interested in doing a sundowner, speak with either Rene or Devon.

Game Walks in Marloth Park

Cycling through Marloth Park

At Kruger Park Hostel we have two bicycles, which are free for guests to use to ride through Marloth Park to view the game animals.

Cost: Free!

Bicycling through the Marloth Game Reserve

Off Road Go-Karting

Go go-karting with Marloth Park Adventures Go-Karts just outside Gate 1 of Marloth Park and only 15-minute walk from Kruger Park Hostel.

To book call Reneé Vedder directly at +27 64 792 6746 or Wilfried Vedder at +27 60 732 5752 or

Go Carting in Marloth Park

Quad Biking

Go Quad Biking with Marloth Park Adventures

To book call Reneé Vedder directly at +27 64 792 6746 or Wilfried Vedder at +27 60 732 5752 or

Go Carting in Marloth Park

Tiger Fishing

Go Tiger Fishing with Marloth Park Adventures

To book call Reneé Vedder directly at +27 64 792 6746 or Wilfried Vedder at +27 60 732 5752 or

Go Carting in Marloth Park

Sunset Cruise

Go for a sunset cruise with Marloth Park Adventures

To book call Reneé Vedder directly at +27 64 792 6746 or Wilfried Vedder at +27 60 732 5752 or

Go Carting in Marloth Park

Horse Riding

Go for a horse hide with Yeehaw Horse Riding Academy in Malelane or Amahhashi Horse Riding Academy in Komatipoort

Yeehaw Horse Riding Academy
Chamotte holdings Kaalrug road, Nkomazi Cres, Malelane
Phone: +27 66 216 3122
Facebook Page

Amahhashi Horse Riding Academy
R571, Komatipoort, 1340
Phone: +27 72 630 1587

Horse riding trails in Malelane, South AfricaHorse riding trails in Malelane, South Africa