Terms & Conditions from the KrugerCrew!

Hey you, future Kruger Park Hostel superstar! Ready to chill with the wildebeests and maybe spot a lion or two? Buckle up, because there's some funny fine print to go through. 🦁

The "Oops, Nevermind" Policy (AKA Cancellation Policy)

Change of heart? No problemo! You won't be charged a penny if you let us know 24 hours before you're supposed to show up. But if you're fashionably late with your "Sorry, can't make it," we'll keep the dough for your first night's stay. Credit card, remember? Oh, and if you got one of those nonrefundable deals? Yeah, they're...nonrefundable.

The General Stuff:

Spontaneity is cool, but we can't guarantee a bed. We reserve the right to say, "Sorry, we’re full," like a bouncer at a hipster club.

If you're not old enough to vote, you’re not old enough to bunk here. 18+ only, kiddos.

Look, we got bunk beds. They're cool, like summer camp, but not ideal for those with bad knees or AARP memberships. We have private rooms too, but they cost a bit more.

Show us a pic of you (government-issued style, like a passport or driver's license). Your gym membership card won’t cut it. No ID, no entry—like a nightclub, but with fewer lasers.

Booking Shenanigans:

Crocodiles at Marloth Park

Decided last minute to change your plans? That’s a cancellation, pal.

Want to tweak your stay? Like, dates or the number of homies joining? We’ll try to accommodate, but no promises! Oh, and it might cost you more.

If you're pulling a time-travel stunt on your booking, moving it forward or backward, just know that you'll need to cough up the rate difference.

Cash Money Talk:

We’re cool with Visa and MasterCard, but American Express and Dinners Cards are persona non grata.

If your card’s playing hard to get (read: invalid), you have 48 hours to make things right. Or else, sayonara, reservation!

Calling It Off:

Use your words, preferably typed. Email us or hit up the OTA you booked through. And remember, we need a whole day's notice to break up with you.

In and Out, In a Flash:

Your cozy corner will be ready by 2 PM. Got here early? Drop your bags and go lion-spotting! When it’s time to say goodbye, make it snappy and be out by 10 AM.

A Note to the Party Animals:

If you’re looking for a rowdy time, this ain't the zoo for you. Go find another jungle.

The "You're Basically Signing Up for an Adventure" Indemnity, with Chuckles

Hey, you wild adventurer, you! Welcome to Kruger Park Hostel! Before you prance around our awe-inspiring wilderness like Simba from "The Lion King," let’s get legal, but let's keep it fun, shall we? 🦁🐾

Here's The Deal:

  1. It's a Jungle Out There, Literally: You're here to chill with us at your own risk. Yes, we've got animals. Cool ones. Big ones. Occasionally ones with sharp teeth. This ain't Disneyland; it's Marloth Park, baby! By the way, Kruger National Park is our next-door neighbor, and sometimes their critters crash the party.
  2. Vampire Schedule: No walks in Marloth Park before sunrise or after sunset. Why? Two words: lions and leopards. You've seen "The Lion King," right? Scar doesn't play.
  3. Risk & Reward: You know that chilling in the great outdoors comes with hazards like tripping over a tortoise or going slip-and-slide on our tiled floors. And if you think you can out-swim a croc in our pool, good luck with that.
  4. Listen to the Pros: When our team says, "Don’t feed the hyenas!" they’re not joking. Follow any and all signs, warnings, and advice, or we’ll let Rafiki know you’ve been naughty.
  5. Don’t Blame Us: If you end up as a zebra’s plus-one to a dinner party, lose your fanny pack to a cunning baboon, or otherwise find yourself in a bind, you can’t hold us or any of our people liable. This includes Marloth Park Property (Pty) LTD, our invisible friend Bob, and the random squirrel that keeps stealing our snacks.
  6. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Not Getting Malaria: We’re in a malaria zone. So, if you end up getting bitten by a mosquito with a bad attitude, remember that you knew the risks.
  7. By setting foot on our fabulously untamed premises, you're agreeing to all of this, from the sensible to the absolutely wild. So get your safari hat on and let's go find Timon and Pumbaa!

Jungle drumroll, please...

Got through all that? Bravo! Can't wait to meet you.

Cheers and happy trails,

Your KrugerCrew,

Rene, Mayra & Devon 🦁🦓🌿

Puff Adder in Marloth Park