About Us: The Chronicles of Kruger Park Hostel

Hey there, adventurous soul! Welcome to the slightly quirky, always chaotic, and endlessly fun world of Kruger Park Hostel. I'm Rene, your chief adventurer and part-time chaos coordinator. Born with African sunsets in my blood, I took a little detour to the land of maple syrup and ice hockey (yep, Canada!) before realizing that my heart beats to the rhythm of African drums. So, I made my way back to where the wild things roam, and boy, am I glad I did!

From across the seas, with the grace of a migrating swallow, came Mayra. She heard our SOS, packed her superhero cape, and flew in to whip our chaos into shape. And thank goodness for that! She's the yin to our yang, the order to our chaos, and frankly, the reason why anyone can find their booking confirmation.

But what's a hostel without its heart and soul? That's where Ennie comes in. She's our guardian angel, ensuring that you're not greeted by a scene reminiscent of a lion's den after a feast. Thanks to her, you can enjoy crisp, clean sheets and spotless surroundings. Her brother, Alfred, is the silent hero tending to our garden, making sure it's not a jungle (unless we're talking about the vibe), and fixing what we break - which, let's be honest, happens more often than we'd like to admit.

Marloth Park: Your Basecamp for Adventure

Nestled on the edge of civilization, Marloth Park is where the adventure begins but never ends. It's not just a place; it's a gateway to the untamed beauty of Africa, where the roar of a lion is your morning alarm and the stars are your nightlight.

Kruger Park Hostel: More than Just a Place to Stay

We're not just a hostel; we're a haven for the young and the restless, the dreamers and the adventurers. Kruger Park Hostel is where luxury meets budget, without ever compromising on the thrill. It's a place where stories are shared over a crackling fire, friendships are forged at the dinning table, and where the spirit of Africa infuses every moment.

A Team Committed to Your Experience

We're a motley crew, each with our quirks, but united by a single mission: to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you're here to explore the vast landscapes of Kruger, dive into the adventures of the Panorama Route, or simply chill with a cold one as the sun dips below the horizon, we've got you covered.

So, pack your bags, bring your sense of humor, and join us at Kruger Park Hostel. It's more than a stay; it's an experience, a story to tell, and a chapter in your adventure book that you'll never want to end. See you soon, fellow wanderer!

Kruger Park Hostel Essence

Kindness at Our Core

In a world brimming with complexities, we opt for kindness. It's not just about being nice; it's about creating a space where compassion and understanding are the norms.

Unity in Diversity

Our table has room for everyone. Kruger Park Hostel thrives on the mosaic of voices and stories our guests bring, celebrating the richness that diversity adds to our collective adventure.

Eco-Warriors Unite

Our love for travel comes with a pledge to protect our planet. We're all about green practices, from saving water to recycling, making sure our footprints are light and our impact is positive.

Beyond Beds: An Experience

We're in the business of crafting moments that spark curiosity and growth. It's about more than just a place to sleep; it's about inspiring you to make your mark on the world.

Empowerment Waves

Change starts with a single action. We empower our community to make choices that lead to a bigger, positive splash, transforming not just individuals but the world around us.

Journey with Purpose

Joining Kruger Park Hostel means you're part of a bigger mission. We're not just about travel; we're about shaping a better, more connected, and sustainable world, one adventure at a time.

Core Values: The Kruger Park Way

  • Authentic Connections: It's about real moments with real people, where travel stories and laughter are shared under the African sky.
  • Mindful Presence: We encourage you to live in the moment, swapping digital distractions for genuine interactions.
  • Safety & Comfort: Your peace of mind is our priority, ensuring a safe haven as you explore the wild.
  • Passionate Discovery: We want you to leave with a deeper appreciation for Africa's beauty, seeing the world through the eyes of a conscious explorer.
  • Everlasting Learning: Travel is our classroom, and we're here to guide you through lessons in culture, nature, and self-discovery.

Choosing Kruger Park Hostel is more than a stay; it's a step into a journey of discovery, connection, and impact. Welcome aboard.

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What our past guest have to say

“This place is brand new! It’s so clean and perfect. From the moment I arrived the owner and manager made sure I had everything I needed. I was also greeted by a warthog who frequently visits their garden. Endless activities kept me entertained the whole time I was there. We went go-karting, went on safari, took a tour of the Panarama route, watched the sunset over the Kruger National Park, played mini-golf, and ended each day with a home-cooked meal. The hostel has a bar with beer, cocktails, and wine, at a price that can’t be beat by any of the restaurants in the area. My trip was epic because of Kruger Park Hostel. I can’t wait to visit again.”

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Sherri - USA
“Os hosts são muito boas pessoas, nos receberam como amigos de longa data. Tivemos a oportunidade de partilhar a nossa estadia com a "Sheri". Nos divertimos muito. Ambiente muito bom, contacto com a natureza e animais. Conhecemos um javali de perto e podemos lhe tocar e alimentar com ração própria. Iremos voltar mais vezes.

In English: The hosts are very good people, welcomed us as longtime friends. We had the opportunity to share our stay with Sheri. We had a great time. Very good environment, contact with nature and animals. We met a boar up close and could touch him and feed him with his own feed. We will be back more often.”

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Kenedy - Mozambique
“The hosts , Rene and Devon, are really kind, lovely, friendly, making sure I am OK. They are also very friendly to the animals around also, I had a chance to see many animals even before the Kruger Park. They cook dinner, one night I had a chance to try Braai, it was so delicious. Here is a small but lovely, comfortable and relaxing pool. Devon took me to a safari at the Park, gave me a lot information about the animals we saw and some important trees. I strongly suggest this place. Rene and Devon you are great!”

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Ebru - Turkey
“There is a real togetherness between guests, the hosts were amazing, me and my girlfriend had such a great weekend going on game drives and socialising in the evening. Great fun.”

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Lewis - U.K.