Frequently Asked Questions about the Kruger Park

General Info

Do I need a visa to visit Kruger Park?
How do I get to Kruger Park?
Are there guided tours available in Kruger Park?
What kind of wildlife can be seen in Kruger Park?
Is Kruger Park safe to visit?

Health and Safety

What should I do if I encounter a wild animal in Kruger National Park?
Can I swim in the rivers or dams in Kruger National Park?
Are there any restrictions on camping in Kruger National Park?
What should I do if I experience a medical emergency in Kruger National Park?
Is it safe to drink the water in Kruger National Park?


What is the potential life span of a leopard?
Do baboons have a specific leader and how is dominance established?
Can porcupines shoot their quills?
How is the prey of a cheetah caught and killed?
Do other predators prey upon leopard?


How venomous is the Mozambique spitting cobra?
What is a Boomslang?
What is the Black Mamba?
What does the Black Mamba look like?
What snake kills the fastest in Kruger Park?


What was Harry Wolhuter's contribution to the Kruger Park?
What were some of the major challenges faced by Kruger National Park in its early years?
What is the history of the Sabi Game Reserve?
What is the The Masorini archaeological site?
What archaeological sites are located in the Kruger Park?


Are there any rare or endangered plant species in Kruger National Park?
How do mopane trees adapt to their environment?
What are the traditional uses of the Sausage Tree?
Are Marula Trees endangered?
What is the fruit of the Buffalo Thorn Tree used for?


What is an African Fish Eagle?
How do African Fish Eagles hunt for fish?
Do ostriches fly?
What is the size of an African Fish Eagle?
How big are ostriches?


What is the most dangerous spider found in the Kruger Park?
What is the Pugnacious Ant?
What insect is only found in the Kruger Park area?
What is the largest spider found in the Kruger Park?
Are Golden orb spiders venomous?